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Your body's goal in reproduction is to protect both itself and your developing child. If your health or environment present a risk to either, your body is less likely to conceive. In addition, strong evidence suggests that childhood obesity, asthma, autism, cancer, pre-term birth and birth defects are linked to parents' nutritional health and toxic exposure before and during pregnancy.

Through nutritional counseling I provide individualized, practical methods that enable the natural process of reproduction your body wants to perform. Be hopeful that even small, simple changes in your nutrition and environment can significantly enhance your ability to conceive, experience a healthy term pregnancy, and have the energy and nutrient reserves to care for your new baby. My counseling will focus on the things that you can control. I will help you to:

  • normalize weight, stabilize blood sugar and explore practical ways to cook nutrient-dense meals
  • identify lifestyle choices that need to be modified to avoid harmful environmental exposures
  • increase blood and nutrient flow to your reproductive organs for a healthy hormone balance and a fertile cycle
  • maximize sperm numbers and motility and protect sperm’s genetic material against oxidative stress
  • choose optimal supplements that are specific to your individual needs

Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices can be incorporated into any current fertility treatment to improve your body’s response and recovery.

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