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In our office visit we will meet for an in-depth assessment of your medical and diet history in relation to a healthy fertility, pregnancy or postpartum recovery.

For example:

  • How is low body weight, extreme exercise, signs of clinical hypothyroidism, insufficient protein, diet high in processed foods, lack of healthy fats and work anxiety affecting your hormone balance necessary for a healthy fertility?
  • How is your partner’s over-the-counter meds, excess weight, alcohol intake, skipped meals, workplace toxins and sports-related groin trauma affecting his sperm?
  • How is your lack of sleep, blood loss during childbirth, breastfeeding and skipped meals affecting your postpartum energy, mood swings and physical pains (and how will this affect your health and aging ten years from now if not corrected)?

When you have a child you open yourself up to the greatest love you will ever know and possibly the greatest hurt. You can do all the planning in the world, but there are many things you won’t have control over when it comes to fertility, childbirth and parenting.

That said, there are things you do have control over and these are the things we will focus on.

Trust that your body has an intrinsic movement towards order – it wants to be well. My role is to help you sort through the maze of information to determine what is most appropriate for your health and recovery. You will receive individualized, practical methods that you can easily incorporate into each day to improve your health and the life-long health of your child.

Fees: The cost of each one-hour office consult is $90.

To schedule your office visit, or if you have any questions regarding an office consultation, please call or email me.


Phone: 512-924-5444

I look forward to our visit.

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