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"Having a child is all I think about, but my husband wants to wait a year to start our family. But a year of waiting means I’m a year older, which concerns me. Meeting with Rosalind has helped me to focus on being one year healthier. My husband’s hair analysis showed toxins he is exposed to at work might be affecting his health and fertility so he is working to resolve this. I am paying more attention to the foods I eat and to my environment. I can now look at this year as one of planning for a healthy pregnancy and child, rather than a year of aging, and the fertility awareness we learned will hopefully lessen the time it takes to conceive when we agree to start our family. Rosalind has been a very calming and encouraging influence. We are extremely grateful for her knowledge.”

- S.B., age 27

" After several years of birth control pill use, my husband and I are ready to start a family and are so thankful we have found Rosalind. At our very first visit she helped us set forth a plan that will move us quickly towards normal cycles and a healthy pregnancy. I think her real strength is how closely she listens to our concerns and responds with research and recommendations that are individualized to our needs. Her analysis of our food diaries was especially helpful, giving us specific suggestions that we immediately put into practice. It is a tremendous comfort that I can e-mail her with questions and get a prompt, thoughtful response. Rosalind has definitely given us a great deal of good advice and information to consider as we try, with God’s help, to have a healthy baby. We thank her for everything.”

Update: “We are pregnant! Following our sessions with Rosalind we spent three months improving our health. With a more appropriate weight for fertility, an improved diet, coping mechanisms for stress, and a much healthier 14-day luteal phase we achieved pregnancy after two cycles. I'm fourteen weeks into our pregnancy and can see the light at the end on the morning sickness tunnel. Rosalind has been so supportive in giving me ideas to help ease the nausea and think through tough decisions like whether to get a flu shot. I am so thankful to Rosalind for helping us along the road to pregnancy. I am also very comforted to have her as a support throughout pregnancy. We can’t wait to introduce her to our little one.”

- D.B., age 32 and F.B., age 45

"It had been a miserable 8 months of trying for a pregnancy on our own. Not what I expected at my age, and so a thousand possibilities as to why I could not get pregnant ran through my mind. A friend visiting Austin told me about Rosalind and I contacted her for a phone consult. What a difference an hour can make. She turned my panic around, helping me to see that I did have control over my health, and encouraged me to trust my body to heal and conceive. With renewed hope, my husband and I made the simple changes she recommended in health and in timing. I was promptly mailed follow-up information that further clarified her suggestions, and she kept in close contact through e-mails.”

"And now for the very best news. Within one month of our phone consult, it is official…we are expecting!!! We truly believe this happened due to Rosalind’s guidance and advice and I really can’t express how much that means to us. She will be receiving ‘baby’s first picture’ any day now.”

- R.C., age 23 and E.D., age 35

" We are pregnant! The test this morning (day 27) read a very strong positive. We are hoping and praying this sticks, and that in late October we will have a happy, healthy baby. We are thankful to Rosalind for all her help. It has been very reassuring knowing she was supporting our efforts and giving guidance and hope after what has been a frustrating and painful 3 years.”

- J.M., age 35 & C.M., age 36

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